~Titanic Events~

Here is a list of events that unfolded the night of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. If you know of an event that has not been posted then please send it to me via email and it will be posted as soon as possible.

11:40 PM In the Wheelhouse the bridge thanks Frederick Fleet, the crow's nest look-out on the night of the collision, for reporting the iceburg.

12:00 MIDNIGHT Lawrence Beasley notices that the deck has started to tilt bow-side.

12:30 AM In the gym, John Jacob Aster slices apart a lifebelt to show Mrs Aster what is inside.

12:45 AM At the bow, the first rocket is fired.

12:55 AM Near boat #5, Fifth Officer Lowe bawls out the head of the steamship line.

12:55 AM On the Officers' Promenade on boat #6 Major Peuchen proved a yachtsman could be a seaman.

1:10 AM Near the Officers' Promenade near boat #8 Mrs Isador Straus refuses to leave her husband.

1:20 AM By the second funnel from the stern, Ben Guggenheim appears in his evening clothes toto "go down like a gentleman."

1:30 AM On the 2nd promenade by boat #14, Fifth Officer Lowe had to use the gun to control the crowd.

1:35 Near boat #15, First Officer Murdoch prevents a rush to the boat.

2:05 AM Near boat #1, in order to save a married woman and her children, Edith Evans gives up a chance to save herself.

2:10 AM Near the Wireless Shack, the Wireless Operator Phillip's lifebelt is almost stolen from him.

2:15 On the First Class Promenade, by the 3rd funnel from the stern, the band played cheerful music. ("Autumn" was one of them.)

~Events in the Bottom Deck of Titanic~

11:40 PM In the bow, an iceberg tears a gash in the side exposing 6 water-tight compartments to sea water.

11:40 In Boiler Room #5 Hesketh and Barrett jumped through the water-tight door.

11:50 In the fore peak, water pours in so fast that the escaping air forces up the hatch cover and hissesout theforepeak tanks.

11:50 PM In the cargo, water swirled around the foot of the spiral stairs.

12:45 AM Shepherd breaks his leg.

12:45 AM Alfred White brewed some coffee in the Turbine Engine room.

1:00 AM Thomas Ranger turns off the 45 fans near the Refrigeration Machinery.

1:15 AM Past the electric engines on the stern, Stoker Fred Scott freed a friend that was trapped.

1:20 AM In Boiler Room #4, the water pours in on George Cavell.